Interfaith relationships in Italian

The theological scenery in Latin America has been altered by forces of globalization and islamization, despite the fact that it continues to be predominately Catholic. The majority of the population in the area is currently atheist or agnostic, and many of them identify as such.

However, church still has a significant impact in Latin America. The vast majority of Catholics (88 % ) and Protestants ( 8 % ) continue to affirm their faith in god. Additionally, nearly nine out of ten (86 % ) of Latin Americans surveyed say they believe in jesus Christ. A sizeable portion of interviewees also identify with a variety of indigenous beliefs and practices, including Santeria, Candomble, Umbanda, and tribal magic, as well as various Afro-caribbean and Brazilian beliefs.

The spiritual view and practices of Latinas/os are still influenced by enduring social values like personalismo and simpatico despite forces of globalization that may distort political boundaries. This racial price emphasizes camaraderie, intimacy, and empathy with some. This translates into a personal connection with one’s idea of an infinite being through belief experience, which may include the divine tips of God, Jesus, the Virgin Mary, Guadalupe, and many other faithful. These gods serve as pipes or contributors for one’s prayers for compassion.

These results support Latino theological viewpoints that, independent of the Catholic Church structure, faith is an essential part of Latinas ‘ life and functions. Latinas/os have a connection to the Almighty through their relationships with friends, family, mom character, and the group. This connection gives them the ability to overcome challenges in their own lives and in the world around them and to promote social alter.