Our well trained team with many years of experience in this area performs any of hydrological constructions. We are using the most modern technologies and working according to standards in this profession.


Establishment of stations for water level measurements. Installing level gauges and instruments for measuring water level. We are installing various types of instruments for measurement of water level depending on claims of different locations.


We have developed our own software for online monitoring of water level. Distribution of data is performed by GSM and GPRS modules integrated in system. Data are collected by different types of sensors for water level measurement. After establishing a hydrological station at natural watercourse, we are proceeding with hydrological measurements at that location. We are checking accuracy of instruments on regular basis. Stations are regularly maintained.


All hydrological measurements and data that have been collected are beeing processed and stored according to WMO(World meteorological organization) and BHP (Bank of hydrological data) standards. We have proffesional programs for processing data. Processed data are stored into our own data bas HIS 2000 HIDROING.


SEBA instruments are developed using state-of-the-art technology and are based on the requirements of ISO, DIN and IMU. They have a world-wide reputation for operational reliability, durability, user-friendliness and practice-oriented design.